Low libido in men is a problem that gets a fair attention in the media. Consequently, this has contributed to the rise of pharmaceutical companies pushing libido-enhancement drugs to the impotent public through TV ads. Sadly enough, these ‘’solutions’’ often come with side effects which can make the situation even more difficult than it presently is. But does this mean that there is no hope for people who are constantly trying to get into the mood to no avail? Well, natural cures are available. If utilized over a period, any man suffering from low libido will see a remarkable improvement in their sex life. Here are some foods and exercises that one must start doing immediately.

Eat foods with Zinc

A good example is Pine nuts. Research has shown that women with higher levels of Zinc tend to be more sexually active than those with lower levels. Other than pine nut, you could also try Oyster or slurping spaghetti. All these are great sources of zinc.

Eat some Watermelon

Instead of consuming tomatoes which have lower levels of lycopene, try watermelon because its levels of lycopene are higher, and has been shown to rival Viagra when it comes to relaxing blood vessels for improved blood circulation in certain parts of the body.

Make use of chocolates

An Italian study discovered in 2004 that women who were in the habit of nibbling cocoa wanted sex more frequently. Chocolate has been shown to increase both dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, thus making you happy while also lowering stress. This is also a good mood-booster.

Mental exercises

And when it comes to exercises, men must utilize mental exercises which involve imagining erotic situations or unstructured fantasies for purposes of stimulating arousal. The unstructured fantasy exercise has been shown to be the most effective in arousing a man beyond control.

Deep breathing and stretching

For more sex drive and satisfaction, one may need to practice breathing and stretching techniques. Several studies are in the public domain concerning deep breathing and stretching exercises as related to how they boost the urge to want more sex.

Finally, any exercise that will require you to get up and moving is a good libido booster for adults. Impotent men who receive medical attention often benefit the most when exercise is included as part of their treatment regimen. In another study, men who were receiving hormone suppression medication for purposes of eliminating cancer discovered that the most active group of men enjoyed sex more than their sedentary counterparts. So how much more can exercise be beneficial to a healthy man? Also, it should be noted that a combination of food and exercise is the best way to boost libido in men. By combining the methods listed here, you will see an upsurge in your sexual appetite.

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